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We are dedicated to bring luxury to the most refined world readers.
Our aim is to continuously inspire the interior design industry with our
luxury range of collections.

Inspired by Beau Brummell,  Pamela Anne takes its inspiration from the original 19th century dandy, who still do this day represents pristine style.  A key feature in creating a modern-day bachelor pad is the use […]

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Selecting and arranging cushions for your couch may seem like a simple enough task but once you get started you could find yourself stumbling a little to pull a design scheme together ­ Incorporating cushions […]

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What do we offer?

Pamela Anne is an innovative luxury furniture brand who place great importance and commitment to building strong client relationships, tailoring our process to meet each individual client’s needs. We will continue our journey responding to the demands of the luxury markets all over the world, producing exquisite collections with a focus on dependability, uniqueness and exceptional design. But will not neglect our environmental responsibilities ensuring a sustainable future.

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