How to style cushions

Selecting and arranging cushions for your couch may seem like a simple enough task but once you get started you could find yourself stumbling a little to pull a design scheme together


Incorporating cushions & throws is a wonderful way to bring texture, colour and luxurious edge to an interior scheme, and our team at Pamela Anne have put together a few tips to help you choose the perfect cushion to transform your space.


Not only are cushions functional essentials, they’re also your sofa’s seasonal outfit changes. Change up your style by updating your cushion arrangement to reflect the changing seasons. Light coloured cushions and soft linen throws are perfect for spring, and can be replaced with warmer colours and textured materials in the autumn and winter. A small change like this can help keep your interior fresh and current.

Fabrics and Textures

Different fabrics and finishes of your cushions can add depth and visual weight to a scheme. It’s the perfect balance to create a sophisticated yet calm interior. A multi-layered sofa styling is our kind of arrangement, and we are here to suggest a few tips for creating a designer-approved look.

The textiles you choose for your cushions should bring your design scheme to life. Fabrics like velvet and silk look gorgeous in a classic Luxe setting, while linen and wool help reinforce a relaxed chic theme.

When choosing fabrics, think of the scale of the patterns you plan to pair together. Mixing prints will produce an interesting and well-balanced cushion arrangement. A common thread in the visual quality of the fabrics is also an important one to remember.  Are your cushions casual, edgy or pretty? If you continue all of these tips throughout, you are sure to be on your way to being an interior expert!

Add colour and bold patterns

Brightly coloured and patterned cushions are a fabulous way to jazz up your sofa or bed, but getting the perfect combination can be harder than it looks. When working with patterns and plains, one of the most common and aesthetically balanced arrangements is an alternating one.

Mixing different patterns, hues and sizes in a cohesive way is an art itself. Start out with colours you wish to highlight, by finding a focal colour in an artwork or furniture piece and then introduce a plain cushion in the same colour. Then complement the cushion with a small-scale and a large-scale pattern with a common link, to create a balanced yet eye-catching aesthetic.


Consider size & shape

It’s always a good idea to mix up different cushion sizes in your arrangement. For example using a 55 centimetre square size behind and a 45 centimetre square in front. For a uniform look, choose two sizes of cushions with the same shape and create two symmetrical displays on either end of your sofa. The size and shape of your cushions will always have an impact on the overall look of your interior space.

How many cushions to put out

Odd numbers of cushions work well in a casual living room, while even numbers will give a formal living room the symmetry it requires.

But don’t go overboard – it is totally possible to put too many cushions.

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