How to create the ultimate modern-day bachelor pad

Inspired by Beau Brummell,  Pamela Anne takes its inspiration from the original 19th century dandy, who still do this day represents pristine style. 

A key feature in creating a modern-day bachelor pad is the use of sartorial elements.

With a crossover of techniques used in both the fashion and interior design industry, using sartorial elements throughout your projects will provide an immaculate flair to your interior.

From herringbone to pinstripes, every piece in our contemporary Brummell Collection is both beautifully proportioned and uniquely styled, effortlessly blending the finest materials with intricate craftsmanship.

This skilful integrated collection in a rich colour palette with accents of vibrant colour, will ensure your d├ęcor will be freshlingly different

Pinstripe wallpaper is also a great way to create a truly sophisticated pad fit for a true gent.

Other important elements include a tailored quilted sofa, introducing a strong silhouette to a room. A sofa in which it provides comfort, durability and exquisite detailing, equivalent to a gentlemen’s tailored suit.

And last but not least, a carefully curated coffee table is often the focal point of a room. An opportunity to showcase your own personal style.

Elegant and timeless, this coffee table is part of our Furniture Collection and boasts a stunning top in dark marble, which is essentially more masculine than a lighter marble. This will be a stunning piece that will make a sophisticated statement in your decor ensuring a rich and opulent effect.

Accent with books and antique accessories to complement the finish.


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