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Perfectly matched with our exclusive dining tables, sit down with our world class dining chairs that are not only designed for style but for comfort too. Find the perfect match for your dining table and create a luxury dining set with our bespoke finishes and fabrics.

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    Anastasia Dining Chair

    Add a daringly stylish essence to dining room design with the audacious Anastasia dining chair. …


    Balmoral Dining Chair

    Liang & Eimil The Balmoral Dining Chair combines a gorgeous standout design with the comfor…


    Bourbon Dining Chair

    The royalty, class and luxury of the Bourbon dynasty, represented by Louis XIV, inspired the vel…


    Chandra Dining Chair

    Chandra is both bold and daring. The modern edge in this dining-chair exudes the feeling of vint…


    Charla Dining Chair

    Charla dining chair is a splendid object of boundless elegance. This marvelous design is the per…


    Cohen Dining Chair

    Liang & Eimil The Cohen Dining Chair combines a clean, sophisticated design with absolute c…


    Corset Chair

    The Corset Chair is a tribute to the golden age of filmmaking, featuring the classic Hollywood R…


    Fran├žoise Chair

    The Fran├žoise is elegant, mysterious and charismatic. Its bold retro lines and soft seat make i…


    Kansas Dining Chair

    Each spring from 1866 to 1885 cowboys drove from the Texas rangers to rail heads in Kansas. Kans…


    Mary Q Chair

    Sculptural and fashionable, the Mary Q draws inspiration from miniskirts and the style icons of …


    Naj Dining Chair

    Contemporary furniture pieces demand contemporary stories. Guatemala was the stage of one of the…


    Nuka Dining Chair

    Nuka is a glacier in Alaska, known for its sublime beauty. Nuka dining chair was inspired by thi…


    Tasker Dining Chair

    A chocolate faux leather dining chair with a diamond quilted back, piping edges and light wooden…


    Theodore Dining Chair

    A dining chair which seamlessly combines style, comfort and practicality. Theodore boasts a scoo…


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